Sunday Morning Surprises

One Sunday morning years ago our ministry team was making final preparations for Children’s Church. Ten minutes before the kids were to arrive, I assembled the team in the front of the chapel so that we could join hands and pray. As we formed a circle, I noticed that Tasha, our

“You Want Me to Gird My What”

I was an eight-year-old student in Sunday school when my teacher told us the story of the Pharisee and the publican praying in the temple. She said that the Pharisee was on one side praying loudly something like, “Oh, God, thank you that I am so marvelous, thank you that I

I Started Out as a Dad

Twenty-seven years ago, I was working full-time in Christian radio but was not serving in any capacity at my local church. My wife Rachel and I had four young children. Bethany, our oldest, was 8. Each Wednesday night, we would faithfully attend midweek Bible Study. While the adults assembled in the main

The Next Mr. Hess

Her name was Mrs. Hess. She was the first Bible teacher in my life. I think I was in the first grade, an unchurched kid from an unchurched home. One afternoon each week at the end of the school day I went to my friend Dan’s house, along with a half-dozen

The Problem With “Bus Kids”

“Who scuffed up the wall by the pastor’s office?” “Who stole the cookies from the Sunday school closet?” “Who stuffed three rolls of toilet paper down a toilet and flooded two classrooms?” Why, it must have been those “bus kids!” Over the years I have been associated with several churches that ran thriving bus

The Big Day!

The Triumphal Entry in John 12:12-15 was quite the event. In fact, it was a Big Day! Jesus was having a Big Day. He rode into Jerusalem as the center of attention, enjoying the adulation of the crowd. He was having a Big Day! The disciples were having a Big Day. They

Brent Randall – Never Use the “B-Word”

Things were desperate. We were running out of space. I had been the children’s pastor at a church for a few years when we developed a very nice problem: our numbers were increasing rapidly, and we were running out of room in the children’s ministry area during our midweek sessions. Kids

Learning from the Golden Arches

Indulge me for a moment and take a journey in your mind with me. (I’d have you close your eyes, but then you couldn’t read this column!) In your mind’s eye, I want you to drive to your nearest, most familiar McDonald’s®. Are you there yet? Walk up to the glass-and-metal front door

Brent Randall – Just a Kids’ Service

On a late August Wednesday night at the church where I served as children’s pastor, our pastor gave the children’s department permission to host a Back-to-School service in the main sanctuary, in place of the normal mid-week Bible study. Our team decorated the platform, sanctuary and lobby in kid-friendly colors and

Children’s Ministry

Fallback Image

Children's Ministry by Brent 'Randall' Regnart   Brother Randall, tell us a bit about yourself and your ministry. I have been in Children’s Ministry leadership for almost 25 years, serving in several roles, including that of Children’s Pastor at Christian Life Center in Stockton, California for most of those years. Currently, I am providing Teacher