COVID-19: Minor Problem or Major End-Time Sign?

  Pastor Reece Mobile AL             If the world’s people continue to be propagandized by the news media who terrify them to shut down society, the marketplace and the churches, the economy will collapse. COVID-19 contains a major Antichrist Mark 666 component.  The U.S. Government is planning mandatory vaccinations. Those who refuse the vaccination

The Importance of Fasting: Does the Daniel Fast Count?

The Daniel Fast:  Why, How, and is it Real Fasting? John L. Fonzer                     Clifton Jones Philadelphia MS   We participate in a 30-day fast once a year called disciplined eating. The principle came from the Daniel fast. Fasting helps our spirit by slowing down the body and mind while the soul thinks of spiritual things.

Covid-19 Crisis: Apostolic Pastors Respond

Interviews by J. L. Fonzer 1. What has been your message to your church about this crisis? 2. Have you had anyone within your greater church family that has contracted the virus? 3. What precautions is your church taking to lower risk? 4. Do you feel the national response has been excessive or not

The Ethical Debate on Genetic Engineering

Jonathan Blake, Pana, IL - Social media can be a blessing, or a breeding ground for negative behavior. I enjoy instant communication, GPS, and keeping up with folks on social media. I love having unlimited study resources on my computer. Technology is a blessing but requires a balanced approach. We celebrate technological

Steve Waldron, Leesburg, GA - Jesus said His words would not pass away. They are divinely preserved, according to Psalm 12:6, 7. God’s Word is forever settled. The most ancient manuscripts and witnesses testify to the veracity of the KJV. We cannot become judges of God’s Word; we must allow it to judge

Praying For A Prodigal Child

Jackie Polk, Waveland, MS - Finding out that our baby was living a life completely outside of the will of God was like having the very air we breathe sucked right from us. This beautiful baby, dedicated and prayed for, was now on a path to eternal suffering. One of the

Growing The Music Ministry

Spencer McPheron: Heyworth, Illinois  Members of our worship team must be prepared spiritually, emotionally, physically and musically. Our music director matches schedules and musical needs and I feel it's my responsibility to exercise spiritual discernment to ultimately decide if a person is the right fit. We have a ministry development program

Written by John Fonzer Jr.   Keeping and Engaging New Converts 1.  What active efforts do you take to retain new converts after their conversion? 2.  Do you know your annual retention figures and wouldn’t mind sharing them?  (i.e., how many converts do   you retain in a given year as members?) 3.  What do you do