Aubrey Jayroe – Classified as Contractors?

We have individuals who work for the church, such as the janitor, lawn maintenance worker, and part-time music director. Can these individuals be classified as contractors and not as employees? This is a very common question but one that demands our careful attention. The law is very clear as to who

Aubrey Jayroe – Rules Governing Overtime and Minimum Wage

Do church employees qualify for the new rules governing overtime and minimum wages? In most cases, yes. In order to fully answer the question, there are rules we have to review to determine who qualifies. These rules are very complex and can be confusing unless understood completely. The courts have created

Aubrey Jayroe – Benefits of a Roth IRA

I am interested in purchasing a ROTH IRA. What are the benefits for having this type of retirement plan? A ROTH IRA is a good plan of investment for retirement for some people. First of all, not everyone can contribute to a ROTH because of the IRS imposed income limits. Your

Aubrey Jayroe – Tax Liability for Evangelists

I have been a traveling evangelist for many years. Are there things that I should be doing that will help me reduce my tax liability? Yes. First of all, you should establish a housing allowance. The Code says that the organization in which you are a part of should set up

Establishing Compensation Packages – Aubrey Jayroe

I’m a new pastor. How do I go about establishing my compensation package in order to take advantage of all the tax breaks for ministers? First of all, you have to know what the church’s bylaws state concerning the compensation of the minister. Some bylaws instruct the Board of Directors to


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  I am a new pastor and have heard that I can have a housing allowance for the home I am presently buying. What do I need to do to ensure I receive the proper benefits allowed? Code Section 107 provides for the clergy to have a qualified housing allowance. Anything designated


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Why is it important that I review the church corporate records, by-laws, and resolutions periodically? If it is important to review these documents, how often should they be reviewed and changed or modified? To think that the laws today governing churches would remain the same is certainly wishful thinking! Laws change