A Husbands Tribute – Paul D. Mooney

"A Husbands Tribute"   Micki’s call to glory was acknowledged with sweet peace as her children and I wept and sang songs of faith. We also felt the gentle presence of the Holy Spirit as she ascended homeward. There was no fear, no pain; it was special. Micki has served the Lord and His people

A Generation of Leadership

A Generation of Leadership — Paul Mooney and Indiana Bible College   By William D. Turner   It was not until about the end of the second decade of Paul Mooney's thirty-one years of leadership as President of Indiana Bible College that the scope of IBC's worldwide impact began to come clearly into focus for

Paul Mooney – A Giant Rain Dance

Reaching a state of meaninglessness is possible. I have an affinity for the desert. I travel often to desert areas for hiking, reading and solitude. There is a certain calmness there, a stillness that heightens one’s spiritual acumen. Sadly, many of these areas have become havens for “spiritual” tourists seeking

Paul Mooney – Micki Mooney, Her Testimony

Thinking about my sweet wife as she is recovering from a difficult surgery and want to share her incredible testimony with you. Please keep her in your continued prayers. We feel your kindness and encouragement and are most thankful. ----------------------------------------------------- It is said of many great men that they wouldn’t be who