Robert Rodenbush – Comfortable Times

Growing up in Africa seemed like paradise to me with tropical weather, a huge aviary cage full of exotic birds and parrots including an African Grey parrot that talked and mimicked the voices of our family, a menagerie of animals that lived in our yard including a monkey and a

Robert Rodenbush – Our Greatest Inheritance

Vice President of the United States Mike Pence gave the commencement address in May of 2018 at Hillsdale College. Like many of such speeches his words were filled with optimism about the graduates and their futures. But, unlike most commencement speakers who address college students in this modern era, Pence

Robert Rodenbush – Fraud Alert

Recently, someone impersonated our pastor and sent scam e-mails, mostly to our staff members. The initial e-mail seemed harmless: “Are you available to help me?” A few people responded and the scammers used our pastor’s name and sent a request: “I am out of town and need a favor. My

Robert L. Rodenbush – The Last Free Generation

Julian Assange, the Australian computer programmer of WikiLeaks notoriety, gave an interview to the World Ethical Data Forum where he gives chilling details of the world’s future as it relates to personal privacy. His consensus is that global surveillance of individuals is inevitable and completely “unavoidable” ( The rapid technologization of