World News: November 2020

University Professor Threatens Dismissal for Opposing Abortion   An Iowa State University professor is drawing nationwide attention after warning students they could be dismissed if they make arguments against abortion or same- sex marriage in class projects. The professor, Chloe Clark, teaches English at the Ames, Iowa school and made the warning in the fall 2020 syllabus, according to a

Here’s how to make 2021 your best growth year ever!

Here’s how to make 2021 your best growth year ever: Place a greater emphasis on attracting new visitors to your church services and events. 100% of your new converts come from your guests. So if you can increase your door traffic, you will increase your growth. How can you increase your visitor

Masking: How is The Church Dealing With It?

By Linda Schreckenberg Bro. Leo Dante, Jersey City, NJ.   New Jersey requires us to wear masks, especially inside buildings and establishments. We have to follow the government officials who rule over us, since it is for the safety of everyone. Our cases have gone down, and we see businesses opening and getting back