What Does “GO” Look Like?

“What Does Go Look Like in the 21st Century?” Reaching the world through The Acts Network “There are 8 billion people in the world that need to hear the Acts 2 salvation message and the truth of the identity of Jesus Christ,” said Bro. William McLeod, pastor of Christian Life Church

COVID-19: Minor Problem or Major End-Time Sign?

  Pastor Reece Mobile AL             If the world’s people continue to be propagandized by the news media who terrify them to shut down society, the marketplace and the churches, the economy will collapse. COVID-19 contains a major Antichrist Mark 666 component.  The U.S. Government is planning mandatory vaccinations. Those who refuse the vaccination

The Unique Church

Written by: Christina Li “I feel very strongly about every community and every church having a uniqueness,” says Pastor Joe Calvin Jean Jr, of Apostolic Church of Salem in Illinois. “There are other churches in other cities doing things that may or may not work here because every community is unique.

Bible Quizzing: A Coach’s Perspective

Bro Philip Melder, of the Apostolic Pentecostal Church in Bloomington, IL, 2019 National Bible Quizzing Coach of the Year. Tell us a little about yourself and your ministry.   A huge part of my ministry is the ministry of Bible Quizzing. It promotes the Word of God where kids join up in their

Rahab: The Power of Choice

Transcribed By Gregg Stone The story of Rahab shows that any willing person can be used to advance God’s kingdom. All it takes is a choice. Some look at preachers and teachers and others who seem to be far advanced in the kingdom or their walk with God, and think that

Broken, Not Crushed

Broken, Not Crushed                                                               By Charlotte L Pound                       Veronica Flores. Sugarland, TX                                                                                                         “Broken Not Crushed” A Single Mother’s Journey from Brokenness to an Abundant Life

The Things which God has Prepared

The Things which God has prepared     Transcribed by Charlotte L Pound                 Jason Staten-Great Mills, MD     “The Things Which God Has Prepared.” MARC Conference   I’m honored to be here tonight. Please turn in your Bibles to the book of Jonah, chapter one, starting with verse two; “Now the word of the Lord came unto

Masking: How is The Church Dealing With It?

By Linda Schreckenberg Bro. Leo Dante, Jersey City, NJ.   New Jersey requires us to wear masks, especially inside buildings and establishments. We have to follow the government officials who rule over us, since it is for the safety of everyone. Our cases have gone down, and we see businesses opening and getting back

Love, Grow, Serve

Jason Carr and wife Brenda, pastor The Apostolic Church in Beaumont, TX. Their children, Brooklyn 20 and Boston 17 are great assets to their ministry.   Pastor Carr, what has been your message to your church with respect to the Covid-19 crisis? “Take care of yourself and your family. If our relationship

Reaching Vietnam with Gods Favor

  REACHING VIETNAM WITH GOD’S FAVOR     The favor of God is a big deal. Favor is mentioned in the Bible 70 times. Everyone greatly used by God experienced it. God’s favor is the guarantee of His presence and the provision of His power to accomplish His special purpose in and through one’s