Not God’s Plan!

Tupelo Children’s Mansion is not God’s plan for children. Sounds shocking, but it is true. God never intended for parents to abuse and abandon their children. He intended that children would be loved, cherished, nurtured and raised to follow Him. But we humans—we don’t always follow God’s plan. So He calls

Keep It Going – 63!

Please join with Erma and me as a sponsor, as we run in the 8th Annual Mansion Fun Run in a few weeks. We will be running with the Mansion kids and staff members in an effort to raise $63,000 for Tupelo Children’s Mansion…a thousand dollars for each year of

World News May 2015

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Charlotte City Council Rejects LGBT Non-Discrimination Law After hours of contentious debate on March 2, much of it centered around the use of bathrooms by transgender citizens, the Charlotte, North Carolina City Council voted down several LGBT non-discrimination ordinances, according to the Charlotte Observer. If passed, restrooms in both public and

The War on Christmas

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Every year it seems that anti-Christian advocacy groups renew their attack on Christmas. Using scare tactics, including threats of lawsuits, they attempt to intimidate individuals, churches, government officials and school administrators into removing all vestiges of Christ from Christmas. Attempts are continuously made to remove religious references in Christmas carols,

Deeply Ponder

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Volume 22 Issue 11   "The enemy gains his end as effectually by what is termed "the religious world" as by any other agency; and hence, when he can succeed in getting a true Christian to accredit the religion of the day, he gains a grand point." I pulled a small book from