Carol Clemans – Bible teaching and God-based counseling is available through Skype.

My ministry of teaching God’s Word, counseling and writing is unique because of Biblical- based education from childhood including my college education at The Institution of Christian Counseling that integrated counseling principles with the Bible in a two-year college program. I provide teaching and counseling worldwide through Skype. Please go to

Carol Clemans – God’s Design for Marriage

God created marriage and has a perfect design found in the Word of God. God’s Design for Marriage was birthed from my having the Holy Ghost 62 years, my teaching God’s Word for over 50 years, 46 1/2 years of marriage, counseling education, counseling experience as a Certified Pastoral Counselor

Carol Clemans – What Despoils a Marriage?

Sex before marriage in the world is very common. It can be with many sex partners or your fiancé using the excuse, “We will be married soon. What difference does it make?” The difference is God! God gives the gift of sex to married couples only with His full blessing! God

Carol Clemans – Families Need Godly Fathers!

It must break the heart of God when He sees earthly fathers who are abusive to their families. God knows that earthly fathers either portray His unconditional love or through anger destroy the ability of the children to understand how much God loves them. Abusive anger from a parent destroys the

Carol Clemans – Emotional Healing

What is God-based counseling? It is using the Word of God to replace toxic thoughts. Every counselor is different because of his/her knowledge of God, life experiences and education. In teaching God’s Word over 50 years and as a Certified Pastoral Counselor for 24 years, God’s Word has the answers