Prisoner for Christ

By Gregg Stone In a dank, dark prison, Joseph laid so far from home. Betrayed, forsaken and forgotten, yet God was with him! “Your circumstances do not define who you are,” said Bro. Michael Jackson, inmate at Federal Correctional Institute McDowell in Welch, West Virginia. “The determining factor is not where

Be A Friend

By Rachel E. Smith                   “We don’t want to see anyone have to make a choice that would terminate the life of an unborn child. We want to say ‘we are here’. New Beginnings is here,” says Bro. Tom Velie, of Tupelo, Mississippi. “The UPC provides a great option that is full

“Somebody Say YES”

By Tim Pedigo, Assistant Pastor, Calvary Tabernacle, Without a doubt, the kingdom of God is richer and fuller today because of the ministry of Rev. Paul D. and Micki Mooney. Throughout their lifetime, they have served with excellence in their local churches, as well as holding positions on district and

The Creation of Care Group Connection

Keeping the church connected, unified, and growing during this time of quarantine-mandated dispersing has no doubt provided a challenge for several Derrick Seagraves Eagle River, AK Church of Eagle River The Sanctuary Alaska, is rising to the occasion and implementing new strategies to connect with its members, prospects, and converts. What are these new

Power House of Prayer

Power House of Prayer written by Linda Schreckenberg “Jesus didn’t just tell them how to pray, but he taught them to discipline themselves to pray,” said Sis. Jenifer Williams of Alexandria, Louisiana. “As he was a man of prayer, we must be a people of prayer. When Jesus came off the mountain

Using Music as Therapy

Using Music as Therapy “When I graduated from IBC, I prayed that God would give me a job where I had a sense of fulfillment and an opportunity to impact others,” says, Aaron Romine, music therapist at Aspiring Hands Inc in Toledo, Ohio. “God has truly answered that prayer.” Bro Romine continues,