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Feature: Kenneth Ray Carpenter recently celebrated 29 years as pastor of the First Apostolic Church in Maryville, Tennessee. Since becoming pastor in 1984, he has pursued the vision and dreams God placed in his heart to reach the community of Blount County. The original congregation of 27 has grown through the years with the help and support of a dedicated group of saints and family members  more…



Opinions:    Preaching Insights I Have Learned

I advise young ministers to stick to the simplicity of the Gospel. Learn how to preach the Oneness message. Learn how to reach souls — bloom where they are planted, stay humble and submissive and let God open doors.  more…


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Plainly Speaking:    Healing Cancer Naturally by Katherine DeLaRosa     

My husband, Manny, and I have been involved in ministry for more than 21 years. As new converts, our ministry began with a singular passion for teaching Bible studies. As our love for God’s Word grew, we quickly saw other doors open. In the early years, we enjoyed ministering together as Sunday school teachers, choir members and youth leaders. While Manny expanded into a greater role ministering God’s Word, I continued helping in the areas of women’s ministry and the nursery department, as we had three young children. more…