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Smiles – July 2018

Word To the Wise: “Love is blind, and marriage is an eye-opener.” ----- A hunting party, hopelessly lost in the mountains, blamed their guide for leading them astray. "You told us you were the

World News – July 2018

Security Camera in MI Appears to Have Captured a Guardian Angel A Michigan fire chief believes his home security camera captured an angel hovering above his pickup truck in early May.

Staff Columnists

Paul Mooney – Copper Harbor

Driving to Copper Harbor, the peak point of the Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, is a commitment. It is 50 miles or so from any amenities other than a few cabins, small

Guest Columnists

Delano Sherley – Cost Savings (Continued)

Churches can save a significant amount on the cost of computer hardware and software. Many companies provide a discount to nonprofits. TechSoup is a company that provides discounts on many

Tom Foster – Influence

Influence is a vital part of the WOW factor of leadership. Leadership impact increases as influence increases. Influence can be positive or negative. You add value to people when you