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The Value of a Thing

A short time ago, coming out of Yellowstone Park going east, I drove along a spectacular stretch of highway accented by breathtaking valleys, mountains, beautiful woods, rushing streams and waterfalls.

Fighting the Allure of Darkness

Growing up in Africa left me with an exposure to evil spirits and the workings of witchcraft that I would not have had if I had grown up in the

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Holy Hearts Produce Holy Conduct

In my ministry of teaching and counseling nationwide, people contact me that are hurting emotionally, spiritually and relationally because of current or past painful events in their lives. This heartfelt

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Smiles – June 2016

One man was from England, one from France and one from Canada. They got acquainted and started talking about their wives. The guy from England began by saying: "I told

World News – June 2016

Why are So Many Christians Biblically Illiterate? The Bible has become a moving target. One can strip it down, twist it, misread it, add to it, supplement it, and even overrule it,