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Smiles – February 2017

Christmas was finally over and the pastor's wife dropped into an easy chair saying, "Boy, am I ever tired." Her husband looked over at her and said, "I had to conduct

World News – February 2017

Muslim Man Intent on Killing Christian Family is Miraculously Converted A Muslim man determined to kill Christians has miraculously encountered Christ and become a Christian himself. Charisma News reports that Al-Rashid was

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Straight to the Point

“We are living through the largest unregulated social experiment of all time—a generation of youth who have been exposed to extreme content online, and we are facing serious socio-technological implications”

Guest Columnists

Disciple-Making: Don’t Drop the Baby!

Meaningful things take time. This includes turning converts into disciples. Remember Saul's lame grandson, Mephibosheth, who David provided for? How Mephibosheth became lame is a parable on disciple-making. (Mephiobosheth) . . .  was

Health Insurance Reimbursements

In December, Congress passed a law that allows small employers to once again reimburse an individual for health insurance premiums without incurring a $100-per-day penalty. To qualify, the church must